A record of Mechi to Mahakali (M2M Challenge) ride in 22.28 hours has been set by a Royal Enfielder Mr. Pramod Shrestha “goofy”. In this ride, he used his 22 years old Royal Enfield, which he named “Kanchi”. In the beginning the challenge was to complete the ride in 24 hours but the ride was […]

On the occasion of Mothers Day in Nepal, Himalayan Enfielders organized wonderful trip of traveling around Kathmandu itself. Without making it much hectic, or tiresome, the trip was simple and easy one. Although the trip was based on travel up to Boudha and Panauti, it was all well planned and well managed one. Liam Allen, […]

Himalayan Enfielders will be conducting next adventure filled bike ride this very season. This ride will focus entirely for adventure and nature lovers, who would love to ride in between the adventure and nature – with separate range of energy and excitement. After all, riding up to Muktinath is certain to be challenging and adventurous […]

Himalayan Enfielders has been organizing different biking events and tours throughout Asia, and has been able to show that it is established adventure tourism industry in the area of motorcycle and bikes. With different experience and goodwill, it had been able to establish with unique identity in the tourism world. Himalayan Enfielders will be conducting […]

If you have ever imagined or dreamt of riding in Nepal, you can make it possible. No, you don’t have to be some professional rider, nor should you have experience over riding in tough and rough roads or long ride experience is not any must either. All you need is – confidence to ride and […]

Enfield Riders at Bardia

The Royal Enfield is not just a bike, but a brand. This bike, which is built for all  roads, as well as for no roads, is being purchased throughout Nepal and it’s popularity is growing daily. FORE (Friends Of Royal Enfield) is a club of passionate bikers who own this legendary bike and share a […]

Love ride-different experience this season!

This is something old – buy a rose, and gift it to her. Or, something traditional – take her out for candle light dinner. Is not it a wise idea to take her out for ‘Love Ride’ and gift her memory instead? Keeping her on the back seat of your motor bike, and taking some […]

Day Out in Kathmandu

Grab one Enfield,  that is perfectly fine if you own it, or you can rent it from places of Kathmandu. There are number of places to be around in Kathmandu. You will have option of other vehicles to move around, but mark it – the best thing is something you can drive on your own […]

Foggy Ride

While places in hills and mountains are experiencing snow fall, there remains fog in southern region of Nepal. Nepal is such a country, where climatic changes are practical and real. Although entire nation has been facing winter – coldness of Kathmandu is different than that of Pokhara, and winter of both of these places are […]

Youths and Bikes!

As soon as they complete their secondary school, or high school; youths have one prime demand from their family – Motor Cycle! That is the culture in major cities of Nepal from Kathmandu, Pokhara to Butwal, Nepalgunj, Biratnagar or Dharan. Motorcycles are easy means to travel, as one should not wait for the public bus, […]

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