For any bike lovers, Royal Enfield is a popular brand. This has been a widely appreciated bike in Nepal too. Here are a few interesting facts that any Royal Enfield lovers must know. Logo StoryRoyal Enfield’s logo is made out of wartime. The original logo has it’s tag line ‘Made like a gun’, with the […]

Royal Enfield motorcycles these days are highly reliable than those of past versions. All these motorcycles brought in Nepal are made under world-class manufacturing procedures in Chennai through advanced robotics. There is a new Unit Construction Engine (UCE) which is highly advanced than that of older cast iron AVL engines. As a result, they don’t […]

Royal Enfield is the oldest two-wheeler brand in the world. It is regarded as older than Harley Davidson too. The history dates back to 1899 when Royal Enfield started producing quadricycle. This was a bicycle modified by adding a wrap around four-wheeled fame with rear rider saddle along with handlebars. And then in 1901, heavy […]

The greenery of Ilam, the fog of Fikkal till cool breeze of Ranke and Pauwa Bhangyang, small Phidim Bazar, Kabeli and then up to Taplejung Bazar! Mechi Highway is a true gift of nature – and an amazing place that any rider could ever drive through. Often known by H7 – riding along with this […]

With huge popularity among a different range of motorbikes, Royal Enfield is now looking to launch a new model among the product line. The company is almost ready to launch a new 250cc motorcycle expecting to gain up the market share. This version of the motorcycle was studied upon by the Indian Research and Development […]

A record of Mechi to Mahakali (M2M Challenge) ride in 22.28 hours has been set by a Royal Enfielder Mr. Pramod Shrestha “goofy”. In this ride, he used his 22 years old Royal Enfield, which he named “Kanchi”. In the beginning the challenge was to complete the ride in 24 hours but the ride was […]

On the occasion of Mothers Day in Nepal, Himalayan Enfielders organized wonderful trip of traveling around Kathmandu itself. Without making it much hectic, or tiresome, the trip was simple and easy one. Although the trip was based on travel up to Boudha and Panauti, it was all well planned and well managed one. Liam Allen, […]

Himalayan Enfielders will be conducting next adventure filled bike ride this very season. This ride will focus entirely for adventure and nature lovers, who would love to ride in between the adventure and nature – with separate range of energy and excitement. After all, riding up to Muktinath is certain to be challenging and adventurous […]

Himalayan Enfielders has been organizing different biking events and tours throughout Asia, and has been able to show that it is established adventure tourism industry in the area of motorcycle and bikes. With different experience and goodwill, it had been able to establish with unique identity in the tourism world. Himalayan Enfielders will be conducting […]

If you have ever imagined or dreamt of riding in Nepal, you can make it possible. No, you don’t have to be some professional rider, nor should you have experience over riding in tough and rough roads or long ride experience is not any must either. All you need is – confidence to ride and […]

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