Interesting facts about Royal Enfield

For any bike lovers, Royal Enfield is a popular brand. This has been a widely appreciated bike in Nepal too. Here are a few interesting facts that any Royal Enfield lovers must know.

Logo Story
Royal Enfield’s logo is made out of wartime. The original logo has it’s tag line ‘Made like a gun’, with the image of canon in it. As the bike had always been supportive during the war moves, this logo and timeline had remained widely popular throughout the era. With the end of the war, and with the need of getting commercialized, the brand gradually changed the logo and tag line.

Shut down at Britain
In 1971, the Royal Enfield company of Britain collapsed. However, the production was on in India during that time too. It was since 1984, India started exporting Royal Enfield to England as the popularity of this brand was not lowered despite being dissolved in England. It was during that time itself, this bike started gaining popularity in South Asian nations. It was in 1994, Enfield India changed the name and kept the old legacy back with the name Royal Enfield.

Contribution during World War
Royal Enfield supplied a large bunch of motorcycles during World War. It also received a contract to supply motorcycles to the Russian Government during that particular period. During World War II, Royal Enfield came up with Flying Flees, which was designed for keeping it in a parachute. An army could drop into the ground from planes along with this bike. Royal Enfield had received orders for 4000 such flyings flees during that time. For the production of this model, there was an underground factory at West Wood.

Diesel Bike – Taurus
During the early 1990s, Royal Enfield came up with diesel bikes naming it Taurus. This bike was could not gain popularity across that period, and hence the popularity stopped gradually. However, you need not get surprised if you happen to see diesel consuming Royal Enfield anywhere in South Asia because it was the production of that period.

Exporting to the world
Royal Enfield has been exporting motorcycles across 42 nations. It is widely explored in the USA, Japan, Germany, and Argentina as these four nations have the highest order of this brand. For nations like Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka – India is the major exporter of this motorbike. Maintain the legacy, the brand has been focusing on niche customers across the globe.

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