Riding along with Mechi Highway!

The greenery of Ilam, the fog of Fikkal till cool breeze of Ranke and Pauwa Bhangyang, small Phidim Bazar, Kabeli and then up to Taplejung Bazar! Mechi Highway is a true gift of nature – and an amazing place that any rider could ever drive through. Often known by H7 – riding along with this 268 km long highway would be a truly amazing experience that any rider could ever forget. Grab an Enfield bike – that is nice if you have your own, or you can borrow it from somewhere.

Your ride starts right after you share junction from Charaali, from where you leave Mahendra Highway and join Mechi Highway. You pass through Budhabare, reach Border gradually through slight inclination. And then your real pathway begins. The border is not only the name but the actual border between Jhapa and Ilam. This ride will then take you to Kanyam. Kanyam has an impressive background with tea garden and hills filled up with tea – you will love this scene and then head a few more kilometers till you reach Fikkal – cooling place. Fikkal is the point where you can get to the Indian border – Pashupatinagar. You can see several Indian riders with several Enfield bike with Indian number plate right from here. You probably want to take snacks in Fikkal and then move ahead to Bara Golai (12 rounds) which will drop you down to Mai Khola and you start heading upwards again till you reach Ilam. Taking a ride around Ilam would be perfectly fine – you will get to see Ilam Bazar. There are a view tower and a small cave where you could spend some time.

The real adventure begins and then. The density of the road will start getting small, and you will move ahead gradually overcoming Nepaltar, Tribeni and reach up to Ranke – a small market with all domestic products. Moving forward you reach the coolest place of entire Mechi Highway – Pauwa Bhangyang. And then you start getting down till you reach Phidim. Phidim is a small valley where you might want to take some rest. You might want to load petrol over your Enfield hereby. It is a hot place and you will seek to get away soon. Gradually, moving forward you come across the river. You then reach Salleri, Jor Pokhari till Gopetar and then start riding downwards coming across Ganesh Chowk and Kabeli. Who would not love fishes of Kabeli? Then it’s an hour’s ride till you reach Taplejung Bazar!

The next day, there’s an option, you can ride up to Suketar, which is blacktopped and return and take Jeep ride till Kaflepati. Or, if you love real adventure – you can ride up to Kaflepeti on your own. From where you need to walk for around five hours till you reach Pathivara. You can gradually drop down and then. And return in the same way. If you have enough time, you may opt to visit Sagutar, half an hour ride from Pauwa Bhangyang.

Enfield will be your best company, so no matter if you are a solo rider or if you ride in a group – take your Enfield bike and ride accordingly! This will be the best moment for you in your lifetime.

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