Best of Nepal – 7 Days

The best ride across Nepal’s charming and diversified landmarks A week-long biking trip taking you to some of Nepal’s wonderful landmarks that cater contrasting aspects of Nepalese tourism, the “Best of Nepal Biking Trip” is wonderful way to see the diversified glimpses of Nepal. The trip begins with the exhilarating ride to Sauraha along the […]


Two-wheeler journey that takes you as high as Muktinath Temple, the elevated common shrine in the clouds – “Into the Mountains” “Into the Mountains” is a short and thrilling motorbike journey that highlights rough ride along the rugged mountains roads taking you to the highland where the Himalayas greet you sprawling right before your eyes. […]

Hills to Plain 8 Days

Amazing ride across Nepal’s wonderful highways with frequent stopover points that house diversified highlights of the country Amazing road journey on a two-wheeler that begins with the descriptive exploration of wonderful mid-hill landmarks and ends with the thrilling wildlife activities in the conserved park of lowland Terai, “Hills to Plains” is a ride of a […]

Chill Out Ride – 8 Days

An ideal loop that comprises the best towns of Nepal catering diverse highlights Justifying the name of the trip, “Chill out Ride” is one of our most fascinating two-wheeler trips that circumambulates Nepal’s most popular urban destinations. During the circumnavigation the ride at times stretches along the thrilling serpentine Highway at other times speed away […]

West Nepal Ride – 11 Days

Ten days of two-wheeler journey that highlights diverse aspects of Nepal- religion, wilds, history, culture and of course nature The West Nepal Ride is an extremely thrilling ride that runs across Nepal’s serpentine mountain highway at the beginning and in the latter half. However, the ride comprises of lowland plain journey in between taking you […]

Easy Ride – 9 Days

Easiest access to Nepal’s best Culture, nature, spiritual and wildlife destinations Six days of Easy ride across Nepal’s most vibrant landmarks catering diverse highlights, this Motorbike Journey is a fascinating loop around Nepal’s mountainous roads on which we stop by to explore Nepal’s most popular tourist destinations. After a cultural tour of Kathmandu’s most popular […]

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