Foggy Ride

While places in hills and mountains are experiencing snow fall, there remains fog in southern region of Nepal. Nepal is such a country, where climatic changes are practical and real. Although entire nation has been facing winter – coldness of Kathmandu is different than that of Pokhara, and winter of both of these places are different than those of Terai region. While Kathmandu has it’s minimum temperature in morning and evening including night, with sunlight during the day; the case is not same with Southern Plain. Southern plain may not have sun shine for entire week itself.

These regions have foggy weather during morning, and undergoes wet winter. Keep anything outside, and it will get wet as if it was in rain in the morning. The grasses around house will all turn out wet. Kakadbhitta, Bhadrapur, Damak, Biratnagar, Itahari, Lahan, Janakpur, Birgunj, Narayanghat, Butwal, Bhairawaha, Nepalgunj, Kohalpur, Dhangadi are important places located under these regions.

Riding in these foggy regions can be challenging and scary at times. You won’t see the vehicle approaching unless the vehicle is right in front of you. Only selective people can pass along with this type of weather.

It is advisable to turn your headlights on while driving in these regions. Also, stay alert on hearing any sort of horns. It is always something wise not to take high speed while driving in this type of weather. Since the fog usually don’t turn out thick, high beam can be useful. Getting front lights low can make someone appearing clear. It can be some foolish move to attempt over take in highways during this time, as the rider will have no clue what is happing few meters ahead in these situations.

Riding to Bhedetar from Jhapa or Morang? Or, from Chitwan to Lumbini? The problem is likely to trouble the riders at these times. It’s not all about fog, but also the wetness, as the jacket can get wet during the time of travel as well. Apart, do wear good helmet, gloves while making travel.

Since the fog won’t last till mid day in general, starting the ride late can be better preference in the end, after all riding in these time turns out as if riding with scarf tied in eyes. You do have eyes, but that can barely see anything ahead.

The case is not all about fog – if you are planning to ride on grassy region, you have to be careful as well. They are wet as if some huge rainfall took place last night. Hence, proper analysis of gear is necessary while driving at these grassy regions as well.

If too cold, these plain regions will have few people sitting around fire. People are friendly enough to share their fire with anyone, and one can enjoy the heat of fire in the mid way thereby while driving. Also, there are large number of school going kids, and other mass that use bicycle for movement. It is suggested to stay careful as these cycles won’t have any sort of lights.

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