Love ride-different experience this season!

This is something old – buy a rose, and gift it to her. Or, something traditional – take her out for candle light dinner. Is not it a wise idea to take her out for ‘Love Ride’ and gift her memory instead? Keeping her on the back seat of your motor bike, and taking some pleasant ride to some peaceful place around; you can celebrate this season of valentine making some beautiful memory.

All you need to do is grab Royal Enflield and persuade her to make the day free, and manage your time to spend the day. It would be something unwise if you rather plan some adventure and hectic ride to celebrate the season of love, hence, there are places which are not too far, and the road way is easy with simplicity to drive on around Kathmandu.

Kakani is one nearby place where you can take her in this season. The road is well pitched, and there are not much vehicles around. After crossing Machha Pokhari, the road way has less traffic and is filled with greenery. The population gradually starts getting scattered, and the road is black topped. With appropriate gear, it won’t be huge challenge to ride uphill. There are stoppage points at different places where you can stop to get some rest, and get refreshed. Or, you can stop at any point and enjoy the hill with mountains at distance with her. Strawberry is something that you should not miss in this season, and even if you don’t find it, there are locally made Strawberry wines that can be enjoyed! It is advised not to get drunk if you intend to return back very same day.

Since this ride is less than 50 kms, it is not hectic either and the roadway is smooth. The drive won’t take more than an hour even if you ride slowly to reach there; but since there is no any time pressure, it won’t matter even if you take couple of hours. Away from sound and air pollution, the place has it natural beauty. Down the village of Nuwakot, and mountains at the distant place will make your memory further refreshed. Stopping at water fall can be further entertaining.

You seriously should not worry even if your tires are old enough, because there are motor cycle repair shops throughout the way.

Upon reaching Kakani, there is a local society, where both of you can spend time. There is picnic spot and beautiful field with spaces for couple to sit, chat and enjoy the environment. Enfield can be taken to the places possible, and there are spaces to park it when you have to walk around. There is Small Park, from where the other side of Nuwakot can be seen.

Riding back won’t take you more than an hour either! So, why not celebrate this season differently?

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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