Mothers Day Ride “Rider’s View”

On the occasion of Mothers Day in Nepal, Himalayan Enfielders organized wonderful trip of traveling around Kathmandu itself. Without making it much hectic, or tiresome, the trip was simple and easy one. Although the trip was based on travel up to Boudha and Panauti, it was all well planned and well managed one.

Liam Allen, Irish citizen, who was one of the participants of the trip, marked this trip as “Absolutely Fantastic Ride”, who shared the experience of first being to Boudha temple and also termed it amazing experience to be around at Panauti city. Allen further explained that he was further waiting for next visit again and thanked entire team of Himalayan Enfielders for organizing such wonderful trip.

“Had an absolutely fantastic ride with Anup today. He was waiting for us to arrive in the morning & took us for a beautiful ride to Boudha temple and Panauti city. Very happy with our experience & super excited to visit again. Hearty thanks to the team Himalayan Enfielders for organizing such a wonderful trip.”

Next rider, Margareet Nulty seemed to be delighted through the trip, who marked that it was the best day for him. He also explained it as a dream to take Royal Enfield and head towards the hill, which was made possible by Himalayan Enfielders. He thanked for providing memorable trip within and outside the city. He also admired the hospitality provided by Himalayan Enfielders team. He explained that he would wish to come back for every mother’s day in Nepal to have such amazing experience.

“Liam and I had the best day every. We came to Kathmandu on a trip and Liam’s dream was to take a Royal Enfield and head to the hills. Anup made it possible and gave us a very memorable trip touring the valleys outside the city. The hospitality that we received on one return trip was outstanding. Today trip was only a taste of seeing Nepal and I can’t wait to return. Want to come back for every mother’s day.”

Himalayan Enfielders have been organizing such trips time and again to entertain large number of bike riders who would love to ride within Kathmandu. There are different customized trip packages for both early bike riders and professionals. Himalayan Enfielders team is all committed in satisfaction of the riders in the end, as it believes, riders satisfaction is the ultimate success of Himalayan Enfielders. The team will certainly organize such events pretty soon in upcoming days as well.

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