Riding Along With Snow

Imagine, yourself riding bike in between the hills, with clouds right below and all around and snow falling slowly. That must be cold enough, but you have got stoppage point on your way, where you can enjoy hot soup, hot water, or camp fire. That has to be fun.

The temperature throughout Nepal is at declining phase right now. If you have any plans to enjoy biking, this can be best time throughout the year. You could be lucky enough to experience snowfall as well, and playing with snowfall certainly turns out to be charming thing. Meanwhile, riding in between the gravel roads, uphill and downhill certainly turns out to be adventurous. This level of adventure will be further glorified when there is snow fall around.

Currently, different regions of Nepal are having snowfall. Riding up to Fulchoki can be nearby option. If there is enough time, riding up to Kalinchowk can be next wonderful option. Since, one can ride bike till Kalinchowk itself, it can be challenging as well as adventurous. Or, on having more time, the travel can be done upto Mustang or Manang as well. They are popular regions currently experiencing snowfall. The road way can be slippery, hence it is advisable to ride slow.

Anywhere, where snowfall is experienced, one can stop and enjoy the beauty of nature. One has to stay alert and preventive from coldness, as cold can trouble any time in between. Slight rainfall can trouble, hence it is also advisable to take along necessary materials.

The bike may not start early morning because of excessive coldness. Hence, do park it in the warmest place possible. Have a nice trip!

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