Short and Simple Ride

If you have ever imagined or dreamt of riding in Nepal, you can make it possible. No, you don’t have to be some professional rider, nor should you have experience over riding in tough and rough roads or long ride experience is not any must either. All you need is – confidence to ride and Enfielder, a perfect bike for this wonderful and short travel. You don’t need any company either. You can attempt this ride all alone, or even if you have some friend to sit backside.

Since, this ride is not anything long and hectic, one can decide the appropriate time on their own and as per their preference. Be it after breakfast, or even after early lunch – the timing can be decided as per the comfort and ease. So, it is important to get all set now. There is off road route, one can get into the forest on the back of Golf Court of Airport either through Tinkune or Gaushala. There is short and bumpy road, all made out of mud and some what less crowded. With forest along side, this bumpy ride turns out to be interesting. However, the area of forest gets limited and the road takes you to open space, near Bagmati River.

Driving along with Bagmati river, where Bagmati flow and your ride gets exactly opposite, the pitched road will not be anything troublesome. Once you make it to Jorpati you need to take right turn. There will be enough shops on the way, so you need not to worry about anything huge. After taking the right turn, all you need is to continue up your pace till you reach Mulpani. The traffic till Mulpani might be  somewhat heavy, but will get lower upon crossing it. There are beautiful scenes that will further enlighten the ride on the way.

You then make it to Sankhu, the beautiful outskirt of Kathmandu. Continuing the ride further, you will be taken ahead with well pitched road till Lapsephedi. Now, after Lapsephedi there is steep height that the rider must climb. Lowering down the gear, in between the forests, with number of turnings, the rider will have to ride his bike up till he makes it to Narshingh Pauwa. Narshing Pauwa is popular picnic spot, and there are some places to visit as well. One can spend time at tea garden, or tower is popular place there to be around.

It is then through same route one will have to come down!

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