Upcoming Pokhara – Daman Ride

Himalayan Enfielders has been organizing different biking events and tours throughout Asia, and has been able to show that it is established adventure tourism industry in the area of motorcycle and bikes. With different experience and goodwill, it had been able to establish with unique identity in the tourism world.

Himalayan Enfielders will be conducting upcoming tour for a week from April 14 to April 22. A group of French citizen will be part of this adventure trip, and the trip will begin from Kathmandu. The trip will begin after crossing Thankot, and getting downhill to Naubise. Riding further, the road will be along the bank side. Malekhu is popular destination for having fish. Further driving ahead, Mugling will be next place and the journey will head towards the right till Pokhara, the halt point. Riding for small city trip, the trip will continue next day with uphill ride till Palpa. The beautiful scene will be supporting throughout the day. Resting at Palpa, the group will then head towards Lumbini, birth place of Gautam Buddha on that very day.

Lumbini will be hot place, but the ancient scenes and beauties will take anyone’s heart away. Further, the next day ride will be pretty plain road ride till Chitwan. Observing the national park, the group will further explore the wilderness with rhinos and elephants. After visiting the Chitwan, the group will then get back through different trail and halt at beautiful spot of Daman. Observing the perfect scenes, the group will gradually rest with perfect evening dinner. Next morning, the group will then ride back to Kathmandu, through Naubise and make perfect steep climb till Thankot.

Finally, the group will take huge rest and Kathmandu and end the trip.

The French bunch will all be riding Enfielders and make the population stare at the trip. Himalayan Enfielders had been organizing these sort of trip time and again attracting different tourists within and abroad. This trip is expected to be perfect combination of adventure and exploring at the mean time. All sort of riders, from experienced to freshers will join the trip. Himalayan Enfielders will manage the trip, and the haltage points will be appropriate for the riders. There will be safety kits, and proper schedules too.

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