Youths and Bikes!

As soon as they complete their secondary school, or high school; youths have one prime demand from their family – Motor Cycle! That is the culture in major cities of Nepal from Kathmandu, Pokhara to Butwal, Nepalgunj, Biratnagar or Dharan. Motorcycles are easy means to travel, as one should not wait for the public bus, or need not to walk through the public bus’s off route. Making things easy and convenient.

Despite the fact that annual budget imposes high charge on import duty every year on these vehicles, their charm certainly is not getting down. Truly, the charge of motorcycle in Nepal is expensive and is more than double the price charged in India. However, fashion and comfort acts as the prime factor why motorcycle sales rate has not yet diminished.

More than 40% of total population of Nepal is youths. Be it college going student, or someone working in bank – motorcycle makes life easy and fast. This gives enough reason for youths to demand for motorcycles. It is not necessary for any buyer to pay the entire amount at a time itself, as there are enough finance companies who are ready to sponsor making EMI. Large number of buyers use this facility and make payment monthly ensuring by next two to three years the vehicle ownership will be on them.

Although bike racing culture has not yet been practiced in Nepal, there are bike stunts events happing time and again.

Enfield ride in Nepal

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